December exam session

November 16, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in Did You Know....?, Language Learning Tools

Some last minute exam tips for the trinity students doing our December exams.

  • Don’t be passive, students should play an active role in the conversation.
  • Take notes during the listening
  • Ask the examiner some questions, give your opinions and invite the examiners to respond.
  • Try to speak clearly and fluently.
  • Be polite and practice turn taking and interrupting and disagreeing politely.
  • Prepare well for the topic part of the exam.
  • Always listen carefully when the examiner is speaking.
  • If you don´t understand what the examiner is saying ,take initiative and ask to him/her to say it again.

Writing statistical reports

November 12, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in Language Learning Tools

You need to write with very percise language to accurately decribe what you need to include in the report

Here are some phrase to help you

  • continued to rise slowly
  • follow the same trend
  • proved to be …
  • dramatically increased
  • …figures began higher than …sales figures in the first/second/third/fourth quarter.
  • grew in popularity
  • significantly declined or dropped
  • dropped sharply
  • quicky recovered/rocketed
  • Rose regularly
  • plummeted
  • increased considerably
  • gradually levelled off
  • jumped enormouslyimages

New Trinity exams

November 12, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News

Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE) is a contemporary four skills qualification intended for young people and adults – typically at school, college or university. It is also suitable for teachers and other adults who require a respected English language qualification.

ISE assesses students’ ability to interact in English in an authentic and meaningful way through the use of integrated reading and writing tasks and integrated speaking and listening tasks.

Preparing for ISE builds real-life English skills and transferable skills required for academic study and employability.

The new exams mean  they can be taken together, or at different times, when students are ready, Students must pass both modules to gain an ISE qualification.

Justifying an argument!

April 28, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News, Language Learning Tools


Here ardownloade some tips

To build an argument look at the speakers key sentence, and main supporting ideas.

Think of some opposite points with given examples of how this would negatively affect, people, animals etc…

Ensure you have enough vocabulary to get your points across, try not to overuse the same words.

You need to have examples/facts and points to back up your argument

Send me some examples for the following points

  • Peoples morals suffer due to personal ambition
  • Some stereotypes are very true
  • Competitiveness is good for kids
  • Independence is impossible in some places

Writing exams soon

April 28, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny

Hello to all doing our written exam

Remember to plan

The Plan should include

  • layout
  • word count
  • grammar list
  • question parts  (divided into paragraphs and matched to grammar points)
  • Checklist

Can you send me what the final check list should include?images


April 10, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News, Language Learning Tools

Click on the picture to learn about intensifiers.


Writing ideas-C1

April 09, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News, Language Learning Tools

Help and guide people through your presentation using signposting words.

Adding information

  • In addition
  • futhormore

Building on a section

  • in order to
  • morover
  • which implies

To end

  • to recap
  • to conclude


  • exemplifying this
  • for example
  • for instance


  • in essence
  • more precisely
  • more specifically

Reformulating the idea

  • alternatively/an alternative is
  • in other words
  • rather
  • that is


  • hence
  • so
  • then

Here is an article to help you with your presentation click on the picture to help yourself.


Trips to England

March 20, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News

To all our students who are going to England next week

Here are some phrases to help youdescarga

  • Can you tell me how to go to the ….?
  • Can you recommend a place to eat?
  • Where is the best place to buy souvenirs?
  • Isle seat or window seat
  • boarding pass
  • check in luggage
  • carry on bag
  • Can I have/order a taxi?


March 18, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in Did You Know....?

How many trends are there in Melilla at the moment?

Can you tell me and send me why you think these trends are so popular?

Here are some trends that I think are popular right now!

download (1) download (2) images (1) images (2) images


Spring is here!

March 17, 2015  Written by Gemma   Published in Did You Know....?

Spring is here and lots of animals come along in Spring here are some pictures of a few.

Send me the names and pictures of some I have left out.

download (5)download (6) download (7) download (8) download (9) images (2) images (3) images (4)

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