50 English Traits

December 04, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in How Very English of You



1. Talking about the weather

2. Great at queueing

3. Sarcasm

4. Watching soaps

5. Getting drunk

6. A love of bargains

7. A love of curtain twitching

8. Stiff upper lip

9. Love of all television

10. Moaning

11. Obsession with class

12. Gossiping with neighbours over the garden fence

13. Obsession with the traffic

14. Enjoying other people’s misfortune

15. Inability to complain

16. Love of cheap foreign holidays

17. Working long hours

18. A soothing cup of tea to ease worries

19. Eating meat and two veg

20. Looking uncomfortable on the dance floor

21. Feeling uncomfortable when people talk about their emotions

22. Clever sense of humour

23. Obsession with property values

24. Pandering to political correctness

25. Road rage

26. Being unhappy with our weight

27. Wanting a good tan

28. Being proud of where we live

29. Not saying what we mean

30. The ability to laugh at ourselves

31. Washing the car on a Sunday

32. Taking the mickey out of others

33. Asking people about their journey

34. Inability not to comment on how other people bring up their children

35. Jealousy of wealth and success

36. Being overly polite

37. Texting instead of calling

38. An inability to express our emotions

39. Obsession with the Royal Family

40. Fondness for mowing the lawn

41. Love of rambling through the countryside

42. A love of all things deep fried

43. Emulating celebrity lifestyles

44. Leaving things to the last minute

45. Irony

46. Keeping our homes neat and tidy

47. Take decisions and accept the consequences

48. Achieving against all odds

49. Wanting our sportsmen / teams to fail

50. DIY on a Bank Holiday



What traits are most typical in your country????

Space Station

December 04, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in On This Day

On this day in 1986 the Soviets opened a new phase in space exploration with the launch of the world’s biggest space station, Mir.


Go on…. Push Yourself

December 03, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in Language Learning Tools

Why not try this little quiz and see just how good you are?




Happy Birthday Ozzy

December 03, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in On This Day


The birth of John Michael ‘Ozzy’ Osbourne, English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter, whose musical career has spanned over 40 years. He rose to prominence as lead singer of the band Black Sabbath and became known as the ‘Prince of Darkness’.

By the way….. He´s English. What part of England is he from???

He also has a very famous wife! Can anyone tell me who she is?


Think Outside the Box

December 02, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in English Quotes

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.




Speaking exam advice

December 02, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Language Learning Tools


Here are some helpful hints for the speaking exams that helped me .I hope that they help you. Best of Luck!


  • Prepare some  expressions-If you don´t understand the examiner ask for clarification ie. Can you repeat that for me? What do you mean? Can you say that again?
  • Prepare some expressions to give to some time to think. Mmmmmm, Well, Let me see.
  • Ask  questions-Prepare questions on the topics you study to ask the examiner.
  • Before you speak think carefully and answer the question carefully.
  • If you make a mistake (don’t panic), correct it.
  • Practise speaking out loud  at home.
  • Speak clearly.
  • This exam is for you to show the examiner all the work you did in class, show the examiner what you know.
  • Try to relax before the exam, take a deep breath, and good luck.



What if….?

November 29, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in A Tim Thought

Wouldn’t it be smart to make the sticky stuff on envelopes taste like chocolate?


Black Friday

November 29, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in On This Day


Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving. It is the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday has amazing deals, discounts and super low low prices on a variety of items.

Shops start opening at 5 and 6 o clock in the morning .Black Friday is known for attracting aggressive crowds, with annual reports of assaults, shootings, and throngs of people trampling on other shoppers in an attempt to get the best deal.

Black Friday got its name from police and bus drivers in America, They called the day, Black Friday, because of the amount of traffic around the towns and cities on the day after thanksgiving. Retailers then started to use this term as it is the busiest shopping day of the year.

The English Cab

November 28, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny, How Very English of You

London´s traditional Black taxi cab – Hackney carriages

These traditional spacious cabs are well known throughout the world. Some people say that the cab was designed to be able to turn on a six pence piece, in other words, it has extra manoeuvability for the very busy streets of London.

Have you been in one? Send us some photos!

English cab


Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News, On This Day

Wishing everyone a lovely thanksgiving.



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