I have a dream…

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The most popular speech in the 20th century.It is a speech delivered by a American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr.

It was delivered to over 250 thousend people at the Lincoln Memorial during a march in Washington.

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It´s getting hotter in Australia

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Australia is enjoying its summer right now, and in Melbourne, the soaring temperatures are stopping the Australia open tennis tournament.

Fire bans have been implemented in Victoria and south Australia as bush fires are being dealt with the firefighters in these regions.

Even Koalas are suffering from thirst and are approaching people and attempting to communicate for water ie. grabbing or moving toward bottles or drinking from your garden sprinkler.

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World Population

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Click on the picture to go to The world at seven billion at the BBC News

Some Golden Globe highlights

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What is the golden globes?It is an american accolade for excellence in television and film.It is a formal ceremony and finishes with a meal.

It happens once  ayear.

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People born in January have a birthstone which is garnet.

The birth flower of this month is Carnation.

Plough Sunday is a famous day in England for the agricultural community.It is a traditional celebration where you celebrate the start of the farming year. Farming has changed leaps and bound over the last few years, Plough Sunday is a way to celebrate farming and the work of farmers.

In rural areas, It is often common for farmers to drive around in the tractors. Click on the photo to read more.

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Meet Bao Bao the panda

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Pandas live in broad leaf and coniferous forests where there is plenty of bamboo to live on and satisfy their appetites.

Today the panda is considered an endangered species as there is only 1,600 pandas in the wild and 300 living in zoos and breeding centers.

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New year resolutions

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The top ten new year resolutions

  • Stop smoking
  • Learn a new language
  • Increase personal fitness and lose weight
  • Be nicer to people
  • Start a new hobby
  • Find the love of your life
  • Help others
  • Be more organised
  • Save money
  • phone your parents more often

I have mixed up the order of these which do you think is number 1- 10. Email me the answer.

Let us know you new year resolutions?

Christmas pudding

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Many families have special recipes and these are handed down  from generation to generation.Christmas  pudding is served on Christmas day as a dessert.This pudding is dried fruit with spices and a lot of alcohol.

It is a common practice to put a clean coin into the pudding and the lucky person who gets it should keep it with them for the following year and It will bring wealth.

What family recipes do you have and what special occasions do you use them for?

Christmas Stockings

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It is an empty sock or sock shaped bag that is hung on Christmas Eve to be filled with presents, Candy fruit or coins.



There is a fable regarding the Christmas stocking but no-one knows the exact origin of when christmas stockings first    started being used.

Once upon a time, A man lived with his three daughters. He was old and was afraid of when he would die and what would  happen to his lovely daughters so He wanted to get some money together and get them all happily married. Saint Nicholas  wanted to help this man but he wouldn´t accept charity so he decided to help in secret. That Night, He threw three bags of  money through an open window and they landed in a stocking.

When they woke up the next morning they found the money in the stocking and were overjoyed. They all got married and lived happily ever after.

People started hanging stocking up in hope of waking up to a bag of gold coins. What will you get in your stocking this year?

The largest Christmas stocking was made in Tuscany in Italy. It was 51 m 35 cm in length and 21 m 63 cm wide. It was made in 2011 by a volunteer emergency service organization. It was a charity event and It raised money for the aged .

Christmas Carols

December 16, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Did You Know....?

Singing Christmas songs has been a tradition in England since Medieval times when minstrels travelled from castle to castle, today


they would be carollers.

Poor people would go around to houses and sing songs in return for a drink of hot ale with sugar, eggs, spices and roast apples called lambswool.

Generally now, carollers go to the houses to collect for charity .Choirs and people practise for the entire month of December. This is why karaoke is so popular in December so people can practise their favourite songs.

What are your favourite Christmas karaoke songs?

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