Chinese new year




Chinese New Year starts at the end of this month.On the 31 st of January, Spring Festival will start.It is a family time where  all the family meet and travel home for an annual family dinner.It also is where all the family have to sweep away ill fortune  and make way for oncoming good luck.On this day, you will recieve an red envelope with some money and traditionally red  will be placed all over the house. Some people wear red clothes on the start of this festival.In the evening, you will light  firecrackers and fireworks with your family.



This festival started a long long time ago with a monster called Nian attacking a village somewhere in China.This monster attacked all the animals ,destroyed peoples homes and took some of the people.This always happened on the first day of the Spring festival.One day, a long time ago, the Monster named Nian went to the village and saw a child wearing red .He was so afraid of red that he ran away.This started the tradition of red being placed around the house and in the streets and worn on this day.

The next year,The monster Nain returned to find the village full of red lanterns and red scrolls and the villagers lit some fireworks and the monster never returned to the village.


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