The famous English fish and chips

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If you ever stuck for something to eat why not try this English favourite.

Fish and chips

Click on the picture and go to an amazing recipe and If you ever visit England, please ask around for a local´s recommended place to eat this traditional meal otherwise you may regret it.


How does your food compare?

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Baked Beans

Baked beans are beans cooked in a tomato sauce. They come in cans and are normally eaten on toast. The Britsh are very fond of baked beans.


storageBangers and mash

Bangers and Mash

This is mashed potatoes with sausages in gravy. Gravy is a type of meat sauce made by mixing the meat juices with some cornflour. In Britain it is very common to use products to make gravy such as Bisto which is cornflour and gravy browning. This has recently been superceded by gravy granules which are easier to use. If not enough flavour can be obtained from the meat it is normal to add an “oxo” cube. Oxo is a popular type of stock cube.


storageBlack Pudding (the black things)

Black Pudding

A thick sausage made with blood and fat. There are similar sausage in other countries but black pudding has very little filling such as rice or bread and is almost all blood and fat.


storageYorkshire Pudding (the round things)

Yorkshire Pudding

A batter made with flour, eggs and milk and cooked in the oven. This is most often eaten with roast beef for Sunday lunch. (Batter is the same mixture that is used to make pancakes)


storageA ploughman’s lunch

Ploughman’s Lunch

This is a very popular thing to eat if you go to eat in a “pub” at midday. It normally consists of a bread roll with a piece of cheese and a pickled onion. By the way there are many very good pickles that you can buy at the supermarket for example “branston pickle”. Branston Pickle is not sold in any other countries but it is the perfect companion to cheese. (I always buy a jar when I go to England) British cheeses are very good. The most famous is Cheddar. Most of the cheeses are named after the region from where they come from eg. Red Leicester, Cheshire etc. There is a very good British blue cheese called Stilton although it can be rather expensive.



This is only normally eaten in Scotland. It is sheep’s intestine stuffed with meat and vegetables.


storageA plate of Fish and Chips

The Fish and Chip Shop.

You will almost certainly go to a fish and chip shop when you visit Britain. It is a shop which cooks fried potatoes called chips. They are usually accompanied by fish, pies, mushy peas, etc. The chips used to be wrapped in newspaper but now white paper is used. They often ask if you want salt and vinegar to be sprinkled over your chips. Be careful because sometimes they give you too much!


storageFull English Breakfast

The Full English Breakfast

This is a very hearty breakfast and it consists of bacon, eggs, fried bread, baked beans, fried or scrambled eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, toast etc. If you stay in a bed and breakfast or a hotel you will normally be offered a “Full English”. Be warned that if you eat this everyday you will most likely put on a lot of weight.



A pie is some food surrounded by pastry (pastry is a mixture of flour and butter). It is normally baked in the oven. The content of the pie can be sweet or savoury. Typical examples of pies are “steak and kidney pie” or “apple pie”. There are variations of the pie such as cornish pasties. Pasties were originally invented so that working men could take their food to work with them. Someone told me that miners in the Cornish tin mines invented the cornish pastie. I suppose that if you work in a mine it is too much trouble to come to the surface to have lunch.


Bread and Butter

When the British eat bread they almost always cover it with butter or margarine. It is very common to see a plate of bread and butter on table when you eat. You can use it to soak up the gravy or juices left on your plate.


British Bread

British bread is very good and if you go to the baker there are many different types of bread to choose from. However, although the bread is very good, the most popular type of bread in Britain is sliced white bread. This is sold in plastic packets and is not half as good as the bread which you must cut yourself.

The author of this text is not English although he does spend a lot of  time teaching the subject. If you disagree with what is written please add your own opinion or tell me about the food in your country.

The Weather

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If you are ever stuck for conversation, use an English favourite. The Weather

In England, a survey was done and over two thirds of the populations were talking about it.

Why is the weather such a big topic for us .Have you any ideas? Send them to us

What´s the weather like today?

  • It´s a nice soft day!
  • It´s a heavy day!

These are expressions that we use every day, Do you have any idea what they mean?


November 20, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in How Very English of You

imgres How do you make a perfect cup of English tea?

  1. The kettle, with fresh water, is brought to a rolling boil.
  2. Enough boiling water is swirled around the teapot to warm it and then poured out.
  3. Add loose tea leaves, (usually black tea) or teabags, always added before the boiled water.
  4. Fresh boiling water is poured over the tea in the pot and allowed to brew for 2 to 5 minutes while a tea cosy may be placed on the pot to keep the tea warm. If the tea is allowed to brew for too long, for example, more than 10 minutes, it will become “over-steeped”,or “stewed”, resulting in a very bitter, astringent taste.
  5. Milk may be added to the tea cup, the host asking the guest if milk is wanted, although milk may alternatively be added after the tea is poured.
  6. A tea strainer is placed over the top of the cup and the tea poured in, unless tea bags are used. Tea bags may be removed, if desired, once desired strength is attained.
  7. Fresh milk and white sugar is added according to individual taste. Most people have milk with their tea, many without sugar.
  8. The pot will normally hold enough tea so as not to be empty after filling the cups of all the guests. If this is the case, the tea cosy is replaced after everyone has been served. Hot water may be provided in a separate pot, and is used only for topping up the pot, never the cup.


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