Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in British Centre News, On This Day

Wishing everyone a lovely thanksgiving.



What happens on Thanksgiving day.

November 27, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny, On This Day


Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America and Canada. First of all, That means No School.


Thanksgiving is different in every house but some traditions are kept the same. In most houses, you eat pumpkin pie and have a turkey dinner and you give thanks at the start of your dinner.


We usually watch football on tv and play football in the garden of our house.


We watch the thanksgiving parade in the town.


We usually play family board games in the evening and relax after our big dinner.

It´s a lovely family day!

Jimmy Hendrix

November 27, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in On This Day


On this day in 1942 the amazing Jimmy Hendrix was born.


Tell me what you think Mr Hendrix would say about music today.

What age would he be today????


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Alice in Wonderland

November 26, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in On This Day

On this day in 1864 Oxford professor Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell with a story she had inspired him to write. It was called Alice in Wonderland and was written under the pen name of Lewis Carroll.




John Lennon´s M.B.E

November 25, 2013  Written by Tim Sullivan   Published in On This Day

John Lennon returned his MBE to the Queen on this day, as an act of protest against the Vietnam war.



“Your Majesty,

I am returning my MBE as a protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam and against ‘Cold Turkey’ slipping down the charts.”



With love. John Lennon of Bag

On This Day

September 06, 2013  Written by British Centre   Published in On This Day

Mickey MouseDid you know that on this day in 1955, “The Mickey Mouse Club” was shown for the first time on T.V

British Centre Of Melilla

British Centre es una escuela de prestigio situada en una de las zonas más modernas de Melilla, la Explanada San Lorenzo y el puerto deportivo.


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