It´s getting hotter in Australia

January 16, 2014  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny

Australia is enjoying its summer right now, and in Melbourne, the soaring temperatures are stopping the Australia open tennis tournament.

Fire bans have been implemented in Victoria and south Australia as bush fires are being dealt with the firefighters in these regions.

Even Koalas are suffering from thirst and are approaching people and attempting to communicate for water ie. grabbing or moving toward bottles or drinking from your garden sprinkler.

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World Population

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Click on the picture to go to The world at seven billion at the BBC News

Some Golden Globe highlights

January 13, 2014  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny

What is the golden globes?It is an american accolade for excellence in television and film.It is a formal ceremony and finishes with a meal.

It happens once  ayear.

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January 10, 2014  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny

People born in January have a birthstone which is garnet.

The birth flower of this month is Carnation.

Plough Sunday is a famous day in England for the agricultural community.It is a traditional celebration where you celebrate the start of the farming year. Farming has changed leaps and bound over the last few years, Plough Sunday is a way to celebrate farming and the work of farmers.

In rural areas, It is often common for farmers to drive around in the tractors. Click on the photo to read more.

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Meet Bao Bao the panda

January 09, 2014  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny

Pandas live in broad leaf and coniferous forests where there is plenty of bamboo to live on and satisfy their appetites.

Today the panda is considered an endangered species as there is only 1,600 pandas in the wild and 300 living in zoos and breeding centers.

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New year resolutions

January 08, 2014  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny



The top ten new year resolutions

  • Stop smoking
  • Learn a new language
  • Increase personal fitness and lose weight
  • Be nicer to people
  • Start a new hobby
  • Find the love of your life
  • Help others
  • Be more organised
  • Save money
  • phone your parents more often

I have mixed up the order of these which do you think is number 1- 10. Email me the answer.

Let us know you new year resolutions?

The English Cab

November 28, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny, How Very English of You

London´s traditional Black taxi cab – Hackney carriages

These traditional spacious cabs are well known throughout the world. Some people say that the cab was designed to be able to turn on a six pence piece, in other words, it has extra manoeuvability for the very busy streets of London.

Have you been in one? Send us some photos!

English cab


What happens on Thanksgiving day.

November 27, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny, On This Day


Thanksgiving is a national holiday in America and Canada. First of all, That means No School.


Thanksgiving is different in every house but some traditions are kept the same. In most houses, you eat pumpkin pie and have a turkey dinner and you give thanks at the start of your dinner.


We usually watch football on tv and play football in the garden of our house.


We watch the thanksgiving parade in the town.


We usually play family board games in the evening and relax after our big dinner.

It´s a lovely family day!

Tell us about your dreams

November 18, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny


Everybody is talking about their dreams.

We would love to hear about yours.

Winter Olympic 2014 torch visits space this week!

November 15, 2013  Written by Gemma   Published in Funny


The winter Olympics torch went to space this week in a Russian rocket. First, It will go to the international space station  and then It will go out into space. It is the first time a torch has been to space. The rocket left yesterday. Last month, The torch went to the North pole and It will go to over 130 cities and towns and more than 14,000 people will carry the torch. It will travel by all forms of transport and even a sleigh.

The torch will start the 2014 Olympics in Sochi in February.


British Centre Of Melilla

British Centre es una escuela de prestigio situada en una de las zonas más modernas de Melilla, la Explanada San Lorenzo y el puerto deportivo.


C/ Ayul Lalchandani s/n Explanada San Lorenzo 52004 Melilla Apartado de Correos 409 Tel/ Fax : 952 673 694

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